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Yin/Yang Yoga

Sundays 5.45pm-6.45pm
at 3-1-5 Health Club, Lancaster
Gym members only


A class offering a balance of yin and yang yoga.  The class starts with yang yoga, a mindful, active practice of standing gentle hatha yoga flow, energising the muscular system to build strength and improve flexibility whilst quietening the mind.  Yang yoga evolves into yin yoga, the quiet, deep yoga of surrender, acceptance and release where we allow ourselves to be in postures/ stretches for a longer period of time stimulating the connective tissue of the bones, joints, ligaments and fascia.  As we hold a relaxed posture for a time, we exert positive stress on the subtle body tissues by finding our appropriate edge in the pose.  The positive stress triggers the body's natural repair response leading to stronger and more supple joints.  Through yin yoga, greater flexibility, less pain, increased range of motion and less inflammation is possible.  Yin Yoga gets chi (prana), our life-force moving and organs are nourished through compression of acupressure points connected to meridian lines.  Yin Yoga is said to be the 'Fountain of Youth' as hyaluronic acid, an anti-aging chemical is produced which is a key ingredient in synovial fluid to keep the joints 'juicy'.  If you have a meditation practice, a regular yin practice will help you to sit with ease.  Yin/Yang  yoga is the perfect balance of static and dynamic practice leaving you feeling relaxed at the end of the day.  The class is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced yogis.  Options are offered to modify as well as advance postures.

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