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About Karen

I have been practicing yoga since 2000 after being introduced to Ashtanga Yoga.  I was first drawn ​to the physical aspect of a strong, dynamic yoga practice as a way of keeping fit, flexible and toned; but quickly discovered that yoga can offer that, and much more.

I soon wished to share my love of yoga with others and began teacher training.  I completed the 1 year foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in 2003, then commenced a 3 year teaching diploma with the BWY, qualifying in 2008.

Through my pregnancies, I practiced gentler forms of hatha yoga, and became more interested in breathing practices to help me emotionally as my body and life changed.  Through the breath, I came to realise the connection between the breath and mind.

I enjoy practicing Vinyasa Flow yoga as a moving meditation and benefit greatly from this dynamic, flowing and strength-building yoga in my personal practice.  Over recent years I have been exploring Yin Yoga, experiencing the benefits of its effects on connective tissue, flexibility and energy flow. 


My meditation practice plays an important part in supporting me in life and teaching.  I completed an 18 month meditation intensive with my teachers, Eliza and David Harrison; and have trained to teach meditation.  I continue my studies in meditation, regularly attending intensives and exploring other meditation practices with Eliza and David Harrison.

look forward to sharing this sacred form of meditation with others.  


British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Teaching Diploma

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher

Sacred Meditation Teacher Training with Eliza and David Harrison.


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